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Genre: eLearning | Language: English

In this class, we’re going to embrace the imperfections of paper collage style and create digital collage vegetables using Procreate.

Why paper collage? By nature, it’s perfectly imperfect and that means we can simply have fun creating, no pressure for perfection! And when you relax and create for the sheer sake of creating, who knows what you might discover when you embrace the imperfect and create something fun! Perhaps a new approach to your future work?

While we are going to skip the messy glue, we are going to embrace those wonky shapes, celebrate them even, and use our digital tools in Procreate to cut and paste them together in to wonderfully colorful, textural vegetable illustrations that can be used as standalone illustrations, on greeting cards, in surface patterns and more.

In this class, you will learn:

Where to source ideas for your digital collage vegetables (and other collage illustrations!)

How to create custom color palettes from photographs as well as how you can source specific colors from photographs in Procreate’s Reference Panel.

How to create your own digital texture papers that you can use to cut out shapes for your vegetables or anything you want to collage and use textural brushes to add depth and dimension to them.

How to use the Freehand Selection tool as a pair of, "digital scissors," to cut out the wonderfully imperfect shapes you’re going to use to create your vegetable illustrations and put them all together to create a variety of vegetable shapes.

How to use the shapes you cut as guides to create the overall illustration.

How to add depth and dimension to your vegetable collages using a mix of textured brushes, color and your digital papers.

When you take this class, you will receive a large set of textural Procreate brushes and colorful, textured digital papers I created especially for the class.

This class is perfect for Procreate users of all levels, whether you’re a bner who is looking to learn a few more tips on Procreate, or a seasoned pro who just wants to let loose and have some fun creating some collage veggies! (Please note, while this class is very bner friendly, it isn’t an "Intro to Procreate," class. If you are brand new to Procreate, there are a ton of amazing intro classes out on Skillshare and I recommend starting with one of those.)








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