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Genre: eLearning | Language: Englishelm-ui is a language for layout and interface design.

This is a novel iteration on declarative styling where you can use Elm types and functions to define your UI in a declarative way.

The novel part is that it does not require you to know CSS to be used. The API is very simple and can be learned quickly!

The approach taken by elm-ui is based on two big ideas: Getting the compiler to verify as much of the layout and styling as possible by defining them in Elm code Enabling refactoring capabilities of Elm for UI code.

Use a declarative mindset for building UIs

Positioning elements, including centering

Creating a layout with rows and columns

Building a form

Quick Facts

elm-ui allows you to define styling with a minimal knowledge of CSS

elm-ui is not only useful as a layout system but also on the component/element level

elm-ui is more logic based than CSS based

There is no cascade when declaring elm-ui

elm doesn’t have statements, it has expressions

Questions to Reflect Upon:

What’s the best approach to building UIs

How should I balance the tradeoffs between functionality and accessibility







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