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Darkest Wishes A Jinn Antholog – V T Bonds
epub | 393.92 KB | English | Isbn:‎ 1736262823 | Author: V.T. Bonds, Merel Pierce, Ana B. Starr, Chelsii Klein, D.E. Chapman, Emma Mountford | Year: 2021


The Jinn.

A mysterious creature of legend.

He is renowned for his fabled ability to grant wishes, but beware.

The Jinn is wily and devious, and those wishes come at a cost.

Choose your words wisely and be certain you are ready to pay the price.

He has his eye on you.

And he will twist your every desire to make you his.


Dark Wishes: A Jinn Anthology is a collection of dark romance stories brought to you by the fabulous authors Emma Mountford, V.T. Bonds, Ana B. Starr, Danielle Chapman, Merel Pierce, and Chelsii Klein. It contains adult material not for sensitive readers.

Category:Folklore, Gothic Romance, Paranormal Ghost Romance

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