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CpuFrequenz is a handy tool that displays the real- CPU load of your computer.

Sporting a simple interface, users will get a quick overview of the current usage of your computer’s processor.
The CPU load is displayed in both a percentage, which is represented by a horizontal bar, and a handy real- graph. You’ll also view the current speed of your CPU.

Additionally, CpuFrequenz includes a feature to precisely detee the CPU frequency. You can adjust the Measuring from 50 to 1,000, and the number of loops (1 to 4). Once selected, simply click ‘Test’ and the results of the benchmark will display in a small window within the same interface.
◆ Fast and clear Frequency Query

◆ Freely selectable Frequency Detection Duration

◆ Real- CPU Load and Frequency Display
◆ Low CPU and RAM Usage

◆ Optional as a Portable Program

◆ Multilingual (Multilingual)
CPU frequency does not need to be installed, can be easily started from the desktop without installation and can be used immediately on all Windows operating systems. Well suited for mobile use on the USB stick. Thus, you do not have to go without this tool on other computers, or laptops and MS-Surface.
The fast CPU query is suitable for: So, enough written. I hope the program helps you find the right working frequency!




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