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Cooking With Japanese Flavors – Ways To Use Miso in Your Cooking
pdf, epub, azw | 31.8 MB | English | Isbn:‎ B09KPHFFLP | Author: Tucker, Chloe | Year: 2021


If you love Japanese food, then you should know that miso is a staple that adds an intense umami richness and flavor to their cooking. Miso is a paste usually of barley, rice, or soybean, fermented with a fungus koji or Aspergillus oryzae and then pasteurized to eliminate germs.

This unique flavor is unique, and in this book, we have used miso to improve the taste of these thirty recipes. If you are wondering what miso tastes like, imagine this? It is a deep earthiness with some touch of toasty, smoky, salty-sweet, and savory. Additionally, miso in cooking at warmth and love is incredible.

Miso is mostly used in soups but can be used in all cooking forms, from seasoning to ice creams. In this book, we have 30 amazing soups with a touch of miso to take your taste buds on a culinary exploration to Japan.

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Category:Japanese Cooking, Soup & Stew Cooking, Food & Wine

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