MP4 | Video: 710×480 | Audio: AAC 48Khz , 2ch | Duration: 6 hours | Language: English | 2.3 GB

Coaching Psychology for Health, Fitness, and Mental Health Professionals offers an insightful and informative workshop designed for health-care providers, featuring Margaret Moore, founder and CEO, and Blaine Wilson, faculty member, of Wellcoaches Corporation.

This workshop teaches 18 core coaching skills and three coaching processes that are grounded in evidence-based coaching psychology. Based on the premise that behavior change starts in the mind, the 3-disc video set explains how health, fitness, and mental health professionals can help clients or patients develop the mindset they need to navigate the challeg path toward mastery of health and well-being.

The video shows how to create growth-promoting coaching partnerships by talking less and providing fewer answers. Instead, the video details how health, fitness, and mental health professionals can help patients and clients to work hard to find their answers by listening attentively and asking powerful questions in a way that leads them to connect to their strengths, confront their personal truths, and decide to take meaningful action to enhance their health and well-being.

Author: Margaret Moore, MBA.; American College of Sports Medicine.; Healthy Learning Videos.


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