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Data recovery software.

Recover your files, photos, videos and all lost data. Hard drive, NTFS, FAT, MAC, CD, DVD, video, GoPro, cameras, RAID and more. HP Media Vault recovery (Broadcom NAS).

The CnW data recovery package covers all eventuallites of data loss. It could be a simple file deletion, or an accidental format of the disk drive. NTFS, FAT32 and many more are handled and files recovered. The software is a complete tool kit of functions required to process data. Comprehensive manual can be consulted for advice. There are several modules and licences from a 30 day package to a full forensic options with a dongle to allow processing or different systems (as long as the dongle is precent).

CnW Data Recovery Software recovers lost files from

● Digital photo camera, SD card and memory chips

● Compact Flash, CE, sD, xD, Memorystick, Muldia Card, or USB compatible memory

● Hard drives recovered, SATA, IDE, SCSI, USB, eSATA

● RAID 0 – RAID-5, JBODs **

● CDs and DVDs, including mini-DVDs and DVD-RAM

● Thumb drives

● Jaz and Zip disks, 100MB – 2GB

● Disk images, including DD, E01** and Virtual disk format

● Floppy disks

● File systems supported

● NTFS, NTFS compressed,.

● FAT32, FAT16, FAT12, disks and memory chips


● Macintosh HFS+

● Hard disc EFI partitions

● Data carving for any operating system

● Android SD card

● ISO9660, Joliet, UDF, Macintosh

● Quick erased CD-RW*

● DVD, miniDVD data and video

● exFAT

● Unix XFS included deleted files

● ReiserFS

● .BKF backup files

● Recovers data, photos and videos that have been lost or deleted

● Deleted file restoring from NTFS and FAT32

● Formatted disks can be recovered

● Disk corruption

● Missing FATs or MFTs are reconstructed

● Video camera, GoPro, EOS, DJI, DVD corruption or deletion.

● AVCHD / MTS and M2T can be automatically reconstructed into large files, and not short fragments.

● Partial disk failure can be recovered

● Partition or boot sector failure

● Corrupted FATs are dynamically fixed

● Overwritten boot sectors are reconstructed

● Master Boot Record (MBR) failure or corruption

● Partition tables corrupted can be regenerated

● Failure when being repartitioned

● Files lost due to software error can be recovered

● Malicious deletion of files can be resolved

● Apple Macbook Air remote wipe data recovery

● Installation of new operating system

● Not ejecting USB drives correctly

● File validation

● Power glitch

● Virus

● Recover or repair drive?

● File Recovery Software, and Forensic Analysis Tools

● Logs of file names

● Dates of files on disk

● MD5 and SHA-256 hash value for each file copied*

● Slack space*

● Unallocated space

● Media details

● EFI partition support

● Disk parameter analysis

● Restoration of files using directory stubs

● Raw file file extraction – often referred to as data carving

● Multiple search strings when carving (or just searching)*

● Data carving extraction from NTFS compressed disks

● Deleted and fragmented AVIs, AVCHD/MTS and 3GP/MP4, GoPro recovered – smart data carving

● File fragments are logged

● Incremental Imaging to process partially failed disks

● File read even when in unallocated space

● Intelligent deleted FAT32 reading

● Analysis of FAT32 disk structure

● QIC113 backup files from image file

● Optional file validation on copy

● Fake memory chip detection

● Video Disk IFO files recreate from MPEGs

● HP Mediavault – Broadcom Raid** (Reiser FS)

● Full job report in XML, useful for triage*

● Encase file support*

● Automatic file carving for several formats, including AVI, JPEGS, Word Docs, 3GP, MOV, GoPro

● MFT Parse on sector view

● File deduplication

● Filenames created for some formats even in data carving mode

● Skip (or select) files based on NSRL MD5 hash values

● File filter for file selection

● Display file and data distribution on disk*

● Search disk for any data or text strings or keyword*

● Manual data carving tool*

● Each session on CDs can be viewed and recovered

● Sectors errors can be skipped on reading – file continues to read

* Forensic option only

** RAID option maybe required

Types of software included in the comprehensive package

● NTFS disk recovery software

● FAT32 routines to restore all types of data


● Digital photo restore for memory chips

● Photo recovery software to process fragmented files

● Macintosh disk restoration, HFS+

● Deleted files can be restored

● Formatted disk restoration software, includes partition analysis

● Ability to read corrupted CDs

● All restores include comprehensive log

● Mini DVD processing software for corrupted video recordings

● Video camera, MP4, GoPro etc recovered

Possible unique selling features for recovery software

● Processing fragmented or deleted AVCHD/MTS disks

● Processing fragmented or deleted video files, eg MP4, MOV, GoPro, DJI

● Unerase CD-RW (Forensic package)

● Simple mini-DVD video recovery

● Logs GPS locations for carved JPEG photos

Updates: official site does not provide any info about changes in this version.





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