Mp3 320 kbps | 4:55:38 | 679 Mb
Christmas and Holiday, Jazz

01. I Fall in Love Too Easily (Original Mix)

02. Autumn Leaves (Original Mix)

03. Hymn to the Orient (Original Mix)

04. Out of the Past (Original Mix)

05. You’re My Thrill (Original Mix)

06. Afternoon in Paris (Original Mix)

07. Out of This World (Original Mix)

08. My Blues House (Original Mix)

09. You’re Not the Kind (Original Mix)

10. Tippin’ on Thru (Original Mix)

11. April in Paris (Original Mix)

12. Staccato Swing (Original Mix)

13. Whisper Not (Original Mix)

14. Capri (Original Mix)

15. Jubilation (Original Mix)

16. The Best Thing for You Is Me (Original Mix)

17. Baubles, Bangles & Beads (Original Mix)

18. Jam for Bobbie (Original Mix)

19. Swing It (Original Mix)

20. Calgary (Original Mix)

21. Step Lightly (Original Mix)

22. Venetian Breeze (Original Mix)

23. My Heart Belongs to Daddy (Original Mix)

24. Blues on My Mind (Original Mix)

25. Namely You (Original Mix)

26. (Original Mix)

27. Blues It (Original Mix)

28. Stablemates (Original Mix)

29. Are You Real? (Original Mix)

30. Reunion (Original Mix)

31. Blues on Down (Original Mix)

32. Something in B Flat (Original Mix)

33. Impromptune (Original Mix)

34. You’re Mine, You (Original Mix)

35. The Touch (Original Mix)

36. Strut (Original Mix)

37. Just by Myself (Original Mix)

38. This Night (Original Mix)

39. Bob Hurd’s Blues (Original Mix)

40. Little Karin (Original Mix)

41. The Stroller (Original Mix)

42. Symptoms (Original Mix)

43. Blue Streak (Original Mix)

44. Yesterdays (Original Mix)

45. Soul Me (Original Mix)

46. Cry a Blue Tear (Original Mix)

47. Drum Boogie (Original Mix)

48. Blues After Dark (Original Mix)

49. Thursday’s Theme (Original Mix)

50. I Didn’t Know What It Was (Original Mix)





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