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Genre: eLearning | Language: English + srt | Duration: 370 lectures (40h 6m) | Size: 15.5 GB

Welcome to 2021’s Complete bner friendly web development Course on this platform that will teach you from absolute fundamentals.

2021’s Complete bner friendly web dev course Learn Html, CSS, Flex, Grid, Javascript, Node, MongoDB, RestAPI & More

Fundamentals of Internet how it works

How websites works

Complete Website Development From Zero to One



Flexbox and Grid

Modern frontend project on Grid pattern

Hosting our static website with github and later Dynamic website with heroku

JAVASCRIPT: All in one

Modern Javascript ES6

Asynchronous Javascript

Document Object Modelling

How node works modules and all


How to take advantage of NPM libraries

Complex routing both Node and Express way




Git and Github

Hosting on Heroku

working with real API

Building our own Restfull API’s

Modern Workflow with MODEL, VIEW and CONTROLLER

HTML template


Modern Backend app with Node and Express with Mongodb form Coding to Deploying

And a lot of other usefull tools like Postman, morgan and many others

You will have to solve both basic level of challenge and Advance level of Challenge from start to finish

No coding requirement I will take you from ZERO to ONE

All you need is a computer(Windows, Mac, Linux) with internet connection

You should know how to install softwares in your system

All softwares are free to install and i will guide you through each process step by step

Enthusiasm to finish the course and complete the challenges

Plz just don’t think that this course is another 30 to 40 hour long “Hello and welcome again” festival, we are learning web development not cooking “well that takes reasonable as well”.

But Learning web development is not easy “I don’t want to sound scary but great things takes ” Rome was not built in a day.

I teach concepts in such a manner like I am teaching it to myself. so when I teach something I consider that how would I understand a topic if I were to expect a detailed video on the same topic and you can’t cheat yourself when you truly want to understand the topic for yourself first. so there is no point that you won’t be able to understand what I teach. i quite often use presentational videos to explain concepts that are otherwise hard to explain just by talking, imagining and seeing it live on a presentation will make it easy for you to grasp the concept, also this course will test your knowledge with each learning curve so that you actually put and effort in understanding concepts by solving challenges.

Please note that this is a pure bners friendly Web development course that goes from complete basics (Absolutely 0 web based knowledge) to intermediate level (Understanding and executing the Achieved knowledge practically)

So if you have some experience in web development in general, then this course might sound very repetitive to you and you might find a lot of stuffs already known to you! Nevertheless you can still enrol in this course and I am very optimistic that you surely will get something new out of it. Let’s start this journey together ❤️.

Bner students curious to learn web development


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