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In this course one can learn voltage,current, power and energy in inductors and capacitors, series-parallel combination of Inductors and capacitors, voltage and current divider rules, initial conditions in circuits, transient and steady state response of first order RL or RC circuits for DC excitation, transient and steady state response of second order RLC circuits for dc excitation, sinusoidal steady state response, introduction of Laplace transform and solving circuits using Laplace transform.

What you’ll learn

inductor, capacitor, first order RL and RC circuits, second order RLC circuits, transient and steady state response, solving circuits using Laplace transform


student should know KVL and KCL, ohms Law, nodal analysis and mesh analysis


All the topics have number of solved examples to have better understanding of the subject.

Who this course is for:

Electrical Eeering students or anyone who wants to learn the analysis of basic electric circuits





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