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Import LTspice .

for Electrical Eeers

Automate LTspice simulation

Use Python programming to create LTspice circuit files

Able to run unlimited number of simulation cases just by one click

Create the raw data from LTspice using Python

raw data to the world of Python

Plot the data in Python IDE

Read measurement from LTspice log files into Python

Save plotted figures as image files

Basics of SPICE circuit simulation (LTspice preferable)

Basics of programming experience (Python preferable)

A windows OS PC with LTspice XVII installed

A windows OS PC with Python IDE (e.g., Anaconda and Spyder)

Sorry this course is NOT prepared in macOS

Update history

07/19/2020: Course material "Material v1.16 (2020-07-19).zip" is uploaded: "ltspy3meas" module is updated to fix a bug in reading the measurement name list

06/28/2020: Course material "Material v1.15 (2020-06-28).zip" is uploaded: New Section "Sec5-6 Spyder graphics backend setting".

06/15/2020: Course material "Material v1.14 (2020-06-15).zip" is uploaded: "ltspy3meas" has been updated to import .step measurement.

06/10/2020: Course material "Material v1.13 (2020-06-10).zip" is uploaded. The output solution waveforms of the 2nd order LPF project are corrected.

05/05/2020: Note that 1080p video is NOW available. Just go to video "settings" and enable the "Auto option". Then 1080p streaming will become possible for you!

05/06/2020: the pdf of "Sec5-2 Intro to Matplotlib" is updated on page 3 to avoid some potential bugs.

05/05/2020: The Matlab file name for Sec3-3 Bode Plot is changed to "BodePlot_Matlab.m"

04/19/2020: A bug is fixed in "ltspy3meas" for Section 6 Lecture 32: Read Measurement data in log file

A detailed step-by-step tutorial about how to automate LTspice circuit simulation using Python scripting

LTspice is the #1 SPICE simulation tools that is free, robust and fast. But it requires a lot of human efforts to run manually.

Python can automate LTspice for you!

Python is so easy to learn that is prefect for electrical eeers

Python can unleash the full potential of LTspice

Python can save you and money from tedious and -consuming LTspice simulation

Read raw data into Python and plot it as figures

Python opens the door for you to the world of data science

Anyone who is interested in both LTspice and Python

Electrical eeers who have been curious about Python language

Extend the LTspice simulation capability

Anyone who want to avoid repetitive and tedious workload in LTspice simulation

Impress at work and boost the career




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