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With apache logs viewer you can easily filter and analyze Apache/IIS/x log files.

Search and filter functionality are built in. Custom log formats are also supported.
Apache Logs Viewer (ALV) is a free and powerful tool which lets you monitor, view and analyze Apache/IIS/x logs with more ease. It offers search and filter functionality for the log file, highlighting the various http requests based on their status code. There is also a report facility, thus you can generate a pie/bar chart in seconds. Together with this there are also statistics where you can get the top hits, top errors, number of status codes, total bandwidth and more.

Apache Logs Viewer comes packed with a variety of features enabling you to dive into the log file and extract data quickly. Log files are rich in data waiting to be consumed giving you unique power to enhance your website. The below is a list of some of the main features available in Apache Log Viewer.

Supports Common/Combined/Custom and additional Apache/x logs.

Supports NCSA/W3C IIS logs

Handles multiple logs

Supports compressed .gz logs

Supports IPv4 & IPv6

Split logs functionality by size/date

Monitor logs in real (with automatic refresh) both local and remove via FTP/SFTP

Highlight requests by status code

Converts IP & IPv6 to Country

Search by any combination of Request, Date, IP, Referrer and UserAgent

Filter by any combination of Status/IP Address, GET, HEAD, POST Requests, Date, Referrer or User-agent

Export to text file (txt), comma separated value (csv), log file or html

Various Graphical Reports (Pie/Bar/Line/StackedBar) (see below)

Various Statistics (see below)





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