Created by Diane Shaher | Last updated 7/2020
Duration: 31m | 1 section | 8 lectures | Video: 1280×720, 44 KHz | 263 MB
Genre: eLearning | Language: English + Sub

Learn the basics of animation in just 30 minutes!

2D Animation and how to navigate Toonboom Harmony (animation software)

ToonBoom Harmony free trial, or any animation program such as Flash, Animate, or Krita. Also it is recommended to have a drawing tablet!

In this Udemy class, students will learn the fundamentals of animation, what goes into the process of animating and how to make things come to life! With the 12 basic animation principles, including squash and stretch, timing and spacing, which will aid you in the class project “The Bouncing Ball” and few other simple yet crucial exercises. In addition you will get a simple run down on the animation program Toonboom Harmony. We will be focusing on 2D traditional animation, so it is advised that you have a pen and tablet for this class. This class is solely geared towards bners, and no prior knowledge is required

Who this course is for:Anyone that is willing to learn how to animate! (Highly recommended for bners!)




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