epub | 395.91 KB | English | Isbn:‎ B0B3SVK7JT | Author: Loki Renard | Year: 2022


They say I’m crazy. (They’re not wrong.)
I’m a criminal. An outcast. A dangerous fugitive capable of anything.
They must be insane to send a female human bounty hunter after me.
At half my size, and a fraction of my strength, she’s like a lamb to the slaughter.
When she tracks me down in my icy lair, I could easily leave her to the elements.
But I take pity on her.
I save her life.
I make her mine.
She becomes my sweet human pet, my companion in the wilderness.
I used to be crazy. Now I’m crazy for her.
And when my enemies try to hurt her?
That’s when I show them what psycho really means.

Category:Science Fiction Romance, Science Fiction Romance, Science Fiction Adventure

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