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After Effects is an industry-leading animated graphics composer and layout program used by many visual effects and animated graphics developers. It offers great management features, a wide selection of creative tools, and the ability to integrate with other applications for post-processing video materials.

Make the impossible possible with the new, more versatile After Effects software. Enjoy powerful new features like Live 3D Pipeline that let you use CINEMA 4D scenes as layers – without rendering in between. Share your work directly through the application and get access to new features at the time of their release. Put all your work together.
Group Projects is a new collaboration service that is part of Adobe Anywhere technology, which allows editors to easily collaborate on a real-time editing process. Using the Projects Group service, editors and animated graphic artists can simultaneously work on collaborative projects in Adobe Premiere Pro CC, After Effects CC, and Adobe Prelude CC without the need for additional equipment. Group project data is stored securely in the cloud, and media files referenced in the project are stored in local source files or in shared proxies with easy access. The Group Projects service also includes special collaboration features such as version control and intelligent conflict resolution.
New 3D composition rendering module: CINEMA 4D. This release of After Effects includes a new 3D rendering module that uses Maxon Cinema 4D rendering technology. Now you can quickly create 3D text and logos without using special equipment, bend planes and extrude 3D text and shapes directly on the timeline. The simplified process of working with 3D objects allows you to simply manage the quality and rendering settings with a single slider, using the same camera, lighting and text animation tools.
Productivity increase.Based on the new high-performance architecture introduced in the latest version, the new release has improved performance and some internal functions that speed up operations due to faster and more thoughtful processing using the GPU. Most videos can now be played in real time before applying effects without waiting for caching.
More effects with acceleration due to the GPU. Performance improvements in this release include an increase in the number of effects with acceleration due to the GPU. The following effects are now accelerated by the GPU: Brightness and Contrast, Highlight Edges, Hue / Saturation, Mosaic, Glow, Hue, and Invert.
Improved process for working with interactive text templates. Currently, you can only exchange interactive text templates with Premiere Pro users by providing a complete project file with the appropriate resources. In this issue, you can save the composition along with its resources in a single, easy-to-exchange file format, which contains everything your editor needs. Just save the composition as a text template using the menu item Composition> Export as a text template, and the editor will be able to work with the template and resources in Premiere Pro.
Character Animator scenes in After Effects using Dynamic Link. You can now open Character Animator scenes directly in After Effects or Premiere Pro and maintain an active connection to the source scene in Character Animator using Adobe Dynamic Link. Changes to the scene made in Character Animator are automatically displayed when you switch to After Effects or Premiere Pro.
Hassle-free TypeKit font integration. If you use TypeKit fonts in your composition and share the project with collaborators, all fonts that are not installed on their computer will automatically sync when you open the file.
New project from the template.Now you can create a template with your own preferred project settings, for example, color and folder structure management, and use it as the basis for all new projects. This is especially useful when working with other users and freelancers, as you can make changes to the template and synchronize the changes using Creative Cloud.
Freeze frame on the last frame. Now you can lock the last frame of the layer to the end of the composition using the "Freeze frame on last frame" command in the menu "Layer"> "Time". After Effects sets the keyframes for reallocating time in a layer and extends the duration of the layer to the end of the composition.
Set marker duration by drag and drop.Set the duration of the composition or layer marker by dragging the marker exit point in the Timeline panel. Marker icons are now split into two halves to clearly indicate the entry point and exit point of the marker. Dragging the marker entry point changes the time of the marker, and dragging the marker exit point changes the duration of the marker.
Native export of QuickTime files created using the Avid DNxHD / HR codec.With After Effects CC 2017, you can export QuickTime files created using Avid DNxHD and Avid DNxHR codecs, without the Avid codec pack and without using QuickTime 7 on Windows or the Adobe QT32 Server process on macOS. In the QuickTime options dialog box (click the Format Options button in the Output Module dialog box), you can change the DNxHD and DNxHR settings. You can select a DNxHD or DNxHR variant (HQX, HQ, SQ, etc.) and enable alpha channel encoding.
Date and time values ​​in output file name templates. Name and location patterns for output modules can now be customized using tokens for date and time. The new settings template "Song name and date / time" helps to add the date and time in the format G-M-D_CH-M to the name of the song.




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