epub | 126.12 KB | English | Isbn:‎ B0B8HK1FFK | Author: Felicia Greene | Year: 2022


Criminals, con men, tricksters and toughs; five men who dwell in the shadow realms of Regency London live with risk and reward as a matter of course. While adept at all the scandalous arts necessary to conduct daring robberies or build illegal empires, love has never been part of their repertoire–until five daring, spirited women show them that a heart is the only thing worth stealing…

Mary Fine is frustrated. Not only is she growing sick and tired of being the plain, reserved helpmeet to the ton’s prettier ladies, but her best friend’s new husband has the most irritating friend in the world: witty, smug, horribly handsome Adam Hart, an unrepentant criminal who Mary just can’t help thinking about…

Adam Hart is flummoxed. Thanks to an exciting professional life of pretending to be other people for fun and profit, he’s never normally short of a disguise to hide his sentiments behind. But when the thoroughly aggravating Mary Fine asks him to kiss her, Adam can’t help being completely himself – and the transformation is as frightening as it is exciting.

Pretending to himself that it’s just a game, Adam introduces Mary to the joys of pretending to be someone else. More than that, he introduces her to carnal pleasures that Mary had never imagined and Adam had never expected to feel quite so powerful. But something in Mary can’t quite believe that all of this is real – and something in Adam, something he’s repressed for years, wants Mary to see the real him…

Lose yourself in this deliciously sensual slice of Regency escapism by Felicia Greene, the queen of quick-read romance novellas. With tortured dukes, teasing heroines and attraction that defies all decorum, these brief but beautiful tales will make any spare hour fly by!
This book is the second standalone in the Disreputables series, with plenty of faces from Book One popping up. If you like misadventures, forbidden attraction and love that defies all odds, you’ll love these quick, steamy Regency reads!

Category:Regency Historical Romance

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