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G-Sonique PAClub Soundsystem Emulator 1.0


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Have you ever tried to play your music in a club? Do you know that it will most likely sound completely different on a club sound system than on small.

monitors or hifi? Do you know that many problems in sound, resonances and unpleasant frequencies in the mix will probably be emphasized/multiplied
many times (in multiples of x10) because high-powered PA amplifiers will amplify the sound/signal in multiples of several 100x?

If you produce electronic dance music, it’s quite a problem. It should sound good in clubs and festivals. However, testing every mix and master in the club is
very difficult and often impossible.

What about that? We designed a PA sound system simulator. It simulates not only various sound systems (advanced IR response + modeling technology),
but also amplifiers and processors (in front of passive high-performance speakers, there are usually many limiters, multi-band compressors, protectors,
crossovers and amplifiers, especially separated for bass and especially for mid-treble speakers, high power amplifiers that significantly affect the sound
and also add THD distortion). In addition, the sound is significantly affected by the acoustics of the space because very loud sound is reflected more then
quieter sound (also crowd affect sound, for example, it makes a difference if the club is empty – then the sound is usually sharper and reflects more from
the walls) than when it is full – a crowd of people can break up the sound more – softening the reflections and sharpness of the sound. In addition, we also
simulate the drive / the strength of the input signal, you will definitely recognize the fact when a DJ plays "to the red levels on the mixer" when he clips not
only the mixer, but also the limiters in the processors and various protection equipment/limiters that prevent the speakers from firing. In other words, the
louder the input, the more unpleasant the sound, but many DJs like to play at the max volume and therefore you can set different levels of input signal
strength with the knob. In addition to amplifiers, distortion is also created by the loudspeakers themselves and their woofers placed in iron frames, especially
if they go to the maximum of their acoustic performance (that’s why many high-end sound systems are said to only go to 40-50% of the maximum possible
performance) We developed the PA Club soundsystem tester not only with dsp engineers , but also with live sound engineers, DJs and producers such
as Toxic Elements, Synthaix, DJ Byg Byzniss or DJ Adidaso with Slovakian slav squad)

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