Build a State Management Library with TypeScript


Published 4/2024
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Build and ship your own state management library

What you’ll learn
Learn to build a state management library with typescript
Build a generic event emitter with typescript
Get an in depth look at how generics create type-safety
Learn to compile and ship your library for production
Build bindings to make your state management library worth with UI frameworks like React
Mature your state management API with middleware

Intermediate experience with JavaScript or Typescript

In this course you’ll learn to build your own State Management library and ship it to web and Node.js projects. Quick warning; this will not be a "build-my-first-library" type of course. We’re going to build a production-ready state manager, ready to be used anywhere in your day-to-day development. We’ll cover everything from
Performant Updates and Subscriptions
Strict Type-safety through the use of TypeScript Generics
Support for third party developer features through a Middleware API
Compiling for ES Modules and Common.js projects
Building bindings for UI libraries such as React
In addition to building a library, we’ll walk through design patterns, decisions, and how to take your library even further on your own.
What does the course look like?
In each chapter, you’ll build a core piece of the state manager’s functionality – the public API, the Event Emitter, as well as the bindings for React. You’ll master each step and gain a high-level understanding of how just about every web application’s state works under-the-hood.
Best of all, our build will be 100% dependency-free. We’re going to hand-code each and every component we need. By the end of this course, you’ll be able to
Deeply understand the working internals of all state management solutions
Understand how the pub/sub model drives updates to your components and subscribers
Understand which state management solutions are best for the product you’re currently working on
And easily build and ship your own open source libraries

Who this course is for
Intermediate JavaScript and TypeScript developers looking to level up their skills
Intermediate JavaScript and TypeScript developers looking build and ship their own libraries