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This course is suitable for bners with no coding experience.

What you’ll learn

C++ project set up and compiling

Implementing logic with functions

Data storage and manipulation with variables, operators, and more

Program control flow with loops and conditionals

Object-Oriented Programming principles


Installation is covered and supported for Mac and Windows 10 only.


Develop important programming skills by learning the fundamentals of C++, one of the most universal and in-demand programming languages in the development industry.

C++ is a general-purpose language known both for its efficiency to perform tasks quicker than other languages, as well as its popularity as a code base for both programs and games. The language features both modern coding practices, such as object-oriented programming, as well as advanced features such as memory management. Overall, its wide-spread nature and ability to handle high-end, process-heavy tasks of any sort make it one of the most used languages for many coding projects.

Through this course, you will be shown all the foundations needed to understand how to write C++ programs in the context of a game project and gain the knowledge needed to expand into your own C++ projects.

You will learn how to:

Set up a C++ project and compile the code

Print out certain output based on user input

Deal with common language features such as variables, operators, and functions

Understand pointers and how they relate to memory management

Control a program’s flow with conditions, loops, and more

Work with object-oriented programming principles

. and more!

Who this course is for:

Eager learners wishing to learn one of the most popular coding languages

Professionals upskilling into one of the industry’s most in-demand language

Developers expanding their coding skills for games and software

Anyone looking to build games with popular ees like Unreal





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